Priory of Mountain House of the Lord

Priory of Mountain House of the Lord held a Convent and Investiture on 20 June 2015 at which the following knights and dames were invested:

Timothy Blain Ballard
Kirk Emil Chappell
† TSgt Jerry Ladale Harris
Paul Hutchinson
† Honorable Sean David Reyes

The following individuals were promoted at this event:

Chevalier Charles Lance Christensen (KCTJ)
Chevalier Lance F. Schiffman (KCTJ)
Chevalier Thomas Edgar Sawyer, Ph.D. (GOTJ)

The following individuals received awards:

Chvse. Jean Howard Achievement
LCpl Chev. Jared M. Clayton Commendation
Chev. Lance F. Schiffman Commendation

Priory of The Delaware

Priory of The Delaware held a Convent with a change of officers on 20 June 2015.

MAJ Chev. Stephen A. Leishman, GOTJ

Chvse. Janet D. Leishman, GOTJ

Chev. Louis A. Ferretti, GOTJ

SGT Chvse. Aleta A. Krauss, DCTJ

Treasurer, Armorer
SSGT Chev. Terry C. Martz, KCTJ

Chief of Protocol
LTC Chev. James L. Sculley, GOTJ

Chev. Thomas W. Mercer, DMD, KJTJ

LTC Chev. John C. C. Smith, GCTJ, CMTJ

LTC Chev. John R. Roland, III, GCTJ
Knight Protector
Chev. George A. Jones, KCTJ

Sword Bearers
Chev. Anatol Tony Maxwell, KTJ
LT Chev. Gary R. Williamson, KTJ

Registrar, Historian
Chvse. Kristin K. Jones, DCTJ

Master of Postulants
CAPT Chev. Douglas E. Sherwood, GOTJ

The Rev. James R. Herrington, GCTJ
Chev. Thomas W. Mercer, DMD, KCTJ

Chev. Edward G. Roth, KTJ

Standard Bearer
COL Chev. Frederick E. Schmitt, III, GCTJ

Chev. Charles A. Depfer, DO, KCTJ

MG Chev. Francis A. Ianni, GCTJ


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