Heraldic Services Offered Through GPUSA / OSMTH
Chev. Russ Wayne Copping, KCSG, GCTJ
Grand Herald

Dear fellow Knights and Dames:

The Grand Herald GPUSA would like to inform the membership of the services available through its office.


ARMS DESIGN FOR PRIORIES AND COMMANDERIES – Suitable coats of arms for Priories and Commanderies are gratis and available by request. No Priory or Commandery coat armor may be displayed in official ceremonies without the approval of the Grand Herald. Please contact the Grand Herald BEFORE beginning arms designs for Priories and other sub jurisdictions.

BANNERS AND FLAGS -- Design advice and guidelines are available gratis by request.

ARMORIAL REGISTER – Members of GPUSA may formally register their PERSONAL armorial ensigns with the Grand Herald. The arms must be from a recognized State, Sovereign, Dynastic or Private agency with the authority to grant such arms. Hereditary arms must be documented and provenance. An official archive has been established and a certificate is issued. Fee is $50.00. Familial (hereditary) arms are the most difficult to prove and documentation back to an armigerous ancestor must be submitted and approved by this office.

PERSONAL ARMS GRANTS -- Individual members may now apply to the GPUSA College of Heralds for a personal Grant of Arms under the authority of GPUSA. A beautiful 11” x 17” Letters Patent is created on Inkpress Media Duo Matte 80 - 12 mil archival paper. You will also receive a digital image of the arms arms for your stationery needs (letterheads and calling cards.) Your arms will automatically be added to the GPUSA Armorial Register. The fee for this service is $500.00 and is for GPUSA members only. Upon request, the Office of the Grand Herald will also provide advice on obtaining arms through the various recognized State, Sovereign, Dynastic and Private heraldic authorities.


The OSMTH Principal Herald of Arms will provide advice to the Member Grand Priories on all Heraldic matters, including Grand Priory arms and banner design gratis upon request.

THE ARMIGER’S BADGE AWARD – The OSMTH has available the Armiger’s Badge Award for those individual members of all OSMTH Member Grand Priories who possess coats of arms from recognized State, Sovereign, Dynastic and Private arms granting authorities possessing authority to grant such arms. Those members resident in countries with official heraldic authorities should provide proof of authority to bear such arms. The Armiger’s Badge is a 2” x 2” (50mm x 50mm) square enameled Cross Cross paty Gules (red) surmounted in the center by a gold sovereign crown. There is also an enameled lapel pin furnished upon successful application. The fee is $150.00 USD. Applications may be obtained through the OSMTH Principal Herald or the GPUSA Grand Herald, both offices presently held by Chev. Russ W. Copping, KCSG, GCTJ.

Fraternally yours,
Best regards,
Non Nobis Domine,


January 2019
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