Milwaukee 2019 - Growing in Templar Knowledge
By Chvse. Marge Enders Bacon, GOTJ
Prior, St. John the Baptist

The Priories of St. John the Baptist, St. Norbert, and St. Mother Theodore Guerin are delighted to be hosting the continuation of the 900th Anniversary celebration and Grand C&I in Milwaukee on May 22-26, 2019 followed by the OSMTH International Grand Magistral Council on May 26-28, 2019.

As we continue to celebrate the 900th Anniversary of the order called Knights of the Temple, Knights Templar, or Poor Knights of Christ of the Temple of Solomon, later to be known as Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem, it is important that we learn about not only its tradition and history but also about what the Order means to the world today.

For almost two centuries, the good deeds done by the Knights Templar and their successors in protecting the Holy sites in Jerusalem, the Holy Land itself, and the routes to the Holy Land, became legendary. But how do we continue that legacy in the 21st century?

The best reason for attending a Grand C&I is to attend the meetings to learn how we do that, and to share the fellowship of other Knights and Dames, this year, from around the globe.

Breakout sessions on Friday May 24 will focus on bringing everyone up-to-date on what is happening at the priory level. You may not have attended the breakout sessions in the past because most of them appeared to have been only for priory officers, labeled with the titles of the various offices. But even if you are not a Secretary, Registrar, Treasurer or Aumonier, attending these breakouts is a chance to learn about how a priory’s business is conducted. You can also learn about the annual SMOTJ Pilgrimage and Pilgrim’s Medal Program and what the Raymond Davis Foundation Scholarship program has accomplished and how you can help to ensure that Christian young people are able to stay in the Holy Land.

Friday is capped off with a panel discussion that everyone should attend. Our mission is focused on the Holy Land and as you know, the Middle East is in great turmoil. Come to the Middle East Panel Discussion and learn the latest about what is really going on and what SMOTJ and OSMTH are doing to help.

Saturday morning offers the chance to attend the Grand Council meeting. Come and learn from your national officers as they explain what the Grand Priory of the United States (GPUSA) has been involved with over the past year and what are their goals going forward.

After absorbing all this knowledge about the Order at the local Priory level and the national GPUSA level Milwaukee 2019 also affords you the ability to learn first-hand what is taking place at the international level. Ordo Supremus Militaris Templi Hierosolymitani™, or OSMTH for short, is the Latin translation of Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem and the name of our international Order. Just as we in the United States have Grand C&Is, they have Grand Magistral Council (GMC) meetings that take place twice each year in cities all over the world, but only rarely in the United States. This is your opportunity to attend an OSMTH meeting without the expense of overseas travel.

It is on the international stage that the core mission of our Order really comes to life. Attendance at the GMC meetings will shed light on their efforts in international humanitarian aid, human rights, and interfaith dialog and bridge-building.

Twenty-first century Templars use the word, not the sword, to serve peace, help those in need, and to promote those values to which we have sworn an oath. But words are nothing without action. Attend the GPUSA and OSMTH meetings in Milwaukee and you will be fortified with the words you need and the inspiration to follow through with action.

Non Nobis, Domine, Non Nobis sed nomini Tuo Da Gloriam


January 2019
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2019 Grand Convent Registration Open
Marge Enders Bacon
2019 Grand Convent Chair

Knights and Dames,

Online Registration for the 2019 Grand Convent and Investiture and International Grand Magistral Council in Milwaukee is open. Log into the Grand Convent website with your SMOTJ member credentials. By registering now, you will take advantage of discounted registration fees.

The 2019 Grand C&I culminates the two-year long Grand Priory 900th Anniversary Celebration and promises to be very special. You don’t want to miss it! See you in Milwaukee!!

Non Nobis, Domine, Non Nobis, Sed Nomini Tuo Da Gloriam ®

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