Priory of St. Vincent Cross of the Four Apostles
Rev. Doctor Chev. Donnie Hayes, GOTJ
Chaplain, Priory of St. Vincent

Fellow Knights:

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!!

I thought you would be interested. Notice the Tibetan (Buddhist) Prayer flags at this location. They are meant to spread goodwill for climbers on their travels. At this Mt. Everest base camp you may see Thomas Mullikin, Jr. holding the SMOTJ Knight Templar banner as well as the Priory of St. Vincent's Cross of the Four Apostles. Our brass cross is a 1,000 year old relic. It was discovered in Northern Italy by Deputy Grand Prior CAPT USN ret. George Custodi of Aiken, SC. The cross was blessed by Franciscan Fr. Peter Vasko and Bishop Emeritus Dr. Munib Younan of the Lutheran World Federation. The cross was part of a 2016 SMOTJ pilgrimage and was laid on the marble table at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem where Christ's body was prepared for the tomb.

Prior Dave Botsko and DGP Custodi gave permission to Chaplain Col Donnie Hayes who offered the cross to the Mullikins from Camden, SC, for their inspirational trek and safe passage. The cross is a symbol of the Ark of the Covenant which led the ancient Israelites into battle with their enemies. The Mullikins and their climbing party would be led by the cross in the battle with nature's elements. 1LT Thomas Mullikin, Jr. and his father MG Thomas Mullikin, Sr. have dived all earth's five oceans and climbed all seven of earth's highest peaks. This is the last quest to do something no other explorer has ever done.

These pictures testify to this historic event in the long and noble history of the Knight Templars. Our tremendous respect and congratulations go to the Mullikins for making this spiritual journey to the rooftop of the world and allowing us to be a part of this extraordinary journey. May God be glorified by their great achievement of courage and fortitude by these brave servants of God. We joyfully anticipate additional news of their firsthand account of this remarkable event. God speed on their trip home. Dominus Vobiscum.



January 2019
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