GEN Raymond G. Davis Templar Foundation
CAPT Chevalier Keith H. Larson, GCTJ, GMTJ
Chairman, Raymond Davis Foundation


The first ever meeting of the General Raymond Davis Society was held on Saturday morning, May 25, during the Grand Convent in Milwaukee. The Society consists of those Knights, Dames or Couples who have added the General Raymond Davis Templar Foundation to their estate, will or trust. At this inaugural meeting, each of these charter members received a handsome certificate and special pin. Rather than set minimum contribution levels, the Society has chosen to recognize everyone who has added the Foundation to their estate plans. While we are not hoping to collect anytime soon, the Society presently has over $3,000,000 in pledges from members; wills and trusts.

If you are interested in participating in this unique program that will continue giving long after you have passed on, call or text Chairman Keith at 757-288-8408.


The SMOTJ Scholarship Drive is in full swing. This year we had an unprecedented 22 high School students and six university students (nurses) successfully complete their studies and graduate. We would like to replace each one of them with a new student plus add a few more to keep our student body growing. I hope you or your Priory will consider helping out!

This year we are looking for two year scholarships (in either the IT Stream ($2,300/yr) or the Hotel Stream ($2,100/yr)) at the Episcopal Technical and Vocational Training Center in Ramallah. We are also looking for new four year scholarships at the following high schools: St. Tarkanzhatz Armenian School ($1,400/yr); The Franciscan School in Ramleh ($1,400/yr) or in Bethlehem ($1,200/yr); the Lutheran Schools in Beit Sahour or Ramallah ($1,500/yr); or the Orthodox School for Girls in Bethany ($1,400/yr). We have already filled the available scholarships at the College des Fréres (Beit Haina & Bethlehem) and the Coptic Schools of Jerusalem.

We also anticipate having four to six students nominated for university level scholarships in either nursing or physical therapy. Most of these scholarships are for three and a half years and will start in January, 2020 (2nd semester of academic year 2019-2020). The cost is $2,000/semester or $4,000/yr.

There are many ways to fund an SMOTJ scholarship. The most popular method is to pay by check once per year, although we have several generous Knights or Dames who choose to pay the entire cost up front. We now have 12 Priories who are sponsoring one or more student, and several are trying different methods to leverage member participation. One Priory sponsors a scholarship with half of the cost paid by the Priory and the other half being paid by the Past Priors. Still another has one member who puts up half of the cost with the Priory putting up the other half. With individual scholarships, we have one member who has chosen to sponsor multiple scholarships in honor of their grandchildren. We have another individual who has chosen to sponsor two half scholarships in order to entice others to join them in their effort. We even have a non-member who is sponsoring an SMOTJ scholarship.

Bottom line is if you are thinking about possibly funding a scholarship, talk to us. We have a wide variety of scholarship levels and funding plans – and if you want to participate, we will match you to a student at a cost that you can afford.

The SMOTJ Scholarship Program is a unique way to change a life, to change a family, and even to change a community.

For more information on the scholarship program go to the SMOTJ Website, log on to the members only section and click on “Charitable Works” in the red ribbon that goes across the top, or contact (text or call) Scholarship Coordinator Sudie Henson at 206-255-3968 or Chairman Keith at 757-288-8408 or email us at: Raymond Davis Foundation .


Amazon Smile is free money! Last year the Foundation received nearly $1500 from Amazon and if most of us were using Amazon Smile that figure could be well over $10,000/year. Just think of it, most of us use Amazon to purchase a wide variety of things every day, and Prime Days are coming up July 15-16 when Amazon will provide huge buying opportunities.

With the Smile Program, Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible Amazon Smile purchases to the charity of your choice and it costs you nothing. Why not take a few moments and sign up for Amazon Smile and designate the Gen Raymond G. Davis Templarfoundation Inc. (and yes Templarfoundation is one word in the sign-up) to be the beneficiary of your purchases.

Not all Amazon items are eligible for Amazon Smile purchases but most purchases are. Why not join the effort and send some additional “free money” to the Foundation to further the SMOTJ Charitable Effort?



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How many of you do at least some of your shopping at Amazon using their Prime program? Just login with your Prime credentials, select the "General Raymond G Davis Templarfoundation Inc" as your charity and 50 cents for every $100 purchased at Amazon Smile will go the Foundation!

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