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Prior David Botsko, GOTJ
Priory of St. Vincent

Looking for a way to help children and families in your community cope with traumatic circumstances?

If firefighters or law enforcement personnel encounter children that have been injured, or due to other circumstances, need some reassuring, they are provided with a soft cuddly toy to help ease the situation. These stuffed toys are also helpful when parents aren’t immediately available, due involvement in an auto accident or other conditions. The toy gives a child something to hold on to, it gives them comfort. The Stuffed toys are provided by members of the Priory of St. Vincent to help soothe and calm children. In some cases, they are used to calm the children of adult victims. Children don’t necessarily understand what has happened to their parent, especially when a violent auto accident has occurred. Police officers and Firefighters put them in their vehicles ready to help a child.

A second project we have undertaken is to provide baskets of snacks to local firefighters and Police Departments.

Here is a quick play-by-play on how it works:

  • Contact by phone or in person a supervisor at the departments you are interested in helping.
  • Purchase a suitable container/wicker basket
  • Print a 5" X 7" or 8" X 10" document & laminate with brief priory/SMOTJ info, e.g., website and contact info
  • Arrange a time to meet in person and bring a sample basket
  • Ask the manager what is the most needed (small priced) items, e.g., mints, small packets of wipes, gum, ‘lance’ crackers, any other packs of snacks.
  • Ask about delivery instructions for future baskets

If you need any additional information please contact: Prior David Botsko, GOTJ via e-mail.


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