Words from the Grand Prior
CAPT Chev. Clay Kemmerer, USN (ret), GCTJ, GMTJ
Grand Prior XXI, GPUSA

Greetings my Brothers and Sisters!:

It is once again that special time of year when we reflect and are thankful for the blessings bestowed upon us. Then, as Christmas comes, if you are like me, we feel that sense of amazement and gratitude swell and overflow within us. I hope that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and Christmas soon to come.

I, at present, am filled with a quiet excitement and a sense of something great about to come, for as I compose this I am finalizing our Pilgrimage preparations, and the Advance Party visits that will precede our Pilgrims’ arrival. Five of us will depart just two days after Thanksgiving, and on Monday, 2 December, we begin making our calls in that wondrous place - Jerusalem.

The Holy Land is a place of such immense contrasts. So different it is from the land and the lives that we know. I do wonder sometimes – are we more blessed to be where we are with all the gifts and comforts that we have in these lives of ours? Or, in different but deeper ways are our fellow Christians in the Holy Land the truly blessed ones, suffering though they do in all the many ways that inequalities, intolerance and discrimination manifest themselves there? In the end, I suppose that we all are blessed but differently so, and that the truest blessing - rather than the comforts of life that many are probably thinking of this Thanksgiving week - is to have peace within ourselves, that abiding peace that comes from our faith and our sense of inner tranquility, and knowledge that we are selflessly doing His will, and His will shall be done. That is the blessing that sustains one, though good and bad, wherever one may call home or lay their head.

We Pilgrims go to the Holy Land for the spiritual and historical experiences that our Pilgrimages bring. We as Templars go to meet with those whom we seek to assist, the students and the orphans, and the Headmasters and Principals, and all those Christians dedicated to maintaining both our Christian presence there, and the Holy sites so vital to the history of our Faith. We go to better understand – and though we may not know it, we go to demonstrate to them our support and our commitment. Those we meet with certainly recognize that aspect of our journeys, and they appreciate it nearly as much as our material gifts. I am thankful both for them, and for all of you, my fellow Templars here in the U.S. of A., and all that you have provided to further our mission both there in The Land, and in our own communities. This year we have generated $201,145.00 in direct grant assistance that will be delivered next week, along with $199,100.00 in scholarship assistance – over $400,000.00 total, not including your local Priory charitable works. Let’s be thankful for our success in collectively growing in this regard each and every year. I must note, to raise the funds that will be delivered next year, our annual Jerusalem Mite drive kicked off a few weeks ago and is ongoing – perhaps this is a good time to consider making or adding to your JM donations.

I could wax on regarding all that we have to be grateful for at this time, but you are all fully capable of doing that reflection for yourselves. So, I will give you one more thing to be thankful for, and for a change will be brief! Know that you are all treasured, Knight or Dame, East Coast or West, Catholic Protestant or “Other”, military or civilian, even Cowboys and Patriots fans, hard for me as that may be! We are varied in so many ways – but together, we are all dedicated, committed Templars, working together to the same common goals. May you all continue to be warmly blessed this holiday season.



December 2019
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CAPT Chev. Clay Kemmerer, USN (ret), GCTJ, GMTJ, Grand Prior XXI

Templar Times Editor
Chvse. Analee V. Evans, GOTJ

Chvse. Michael Ann Robinson DCTJ
Chev. Robert Orin Holmes, Sr., GCTJ, CMTJ

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