SMOTJ Jerusalem Mite
Chev. SSG Kenneth W. Fraley, Sr., GOTJ
Grand Aumonier

Greetings Fellow Templars!:

During the season of fall convents and investitures, I'm reminded of the oath we renew during each C&I “to grow in generous Christian Charity.” According to Britannica’s web site, Christian charity is the highest form of love, signifying the reciprocal love between God and humankind made manifest in unselfish love for one’s fellow man. There is no better way to demonstrate love of and for your fellow man as a member of our Order than to support our mission through the Jerusalem Mite. This philanthropic effort supports 19 organizations in the Holy Land that:

  • Maintain Christian holy sites
  • Provide education for Christian and Muslim children
  • Provide safety, care and comfort for abandoned children
  • Care for the elderly, including a program of the Franciscan Center
  • Provide a high-quality and safe educational environment for boys and girls, some of whom are at risk, such as Mother Maria's Orthodox School for Girls in Bethany
I can go on, but I believe it is clear that supporting these efforts for populations at risk is a tangible expression of how Christian charity results in fruits of love for others in need. I encourage you during this holiday season to celebrate God’s ultimate gift to us through the person of our Lord and Savior through charitable gifts made possible by the Jerusalem Mite. Whether or not you’ve already made a donation to the Jerusalem Mite, there is no better time to honor Immanuel, "God with us." During this Holy Season I invite your thoughts and prayers for the people most impacted by your gift, and I give thanks for the generosity already exhibited by so many of our members. Together we should... and must... continue to do the great works that we've accomplished for Christians at risk in the Holy Land.

I close with a paraphrase of a passage of scripture from the book of Sirach: “From our forebears the Lord brought forth a Godly Order that found favor in the sight of all and was beloved by God and his people" (Sirach 44: 23 - 45:1). May God bless and keep you throughout this holiday season. Thank you in advance for your generosity and continued commitment to Christ as fellow Knights and Dames serving the Lord through GPUSA.


December 2019
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