SMOTJ Scholarship Drive
CAPT Chevalier Keith H. Larson, GCTJ, GMTJ
Chairman, Raymond Davis Foundation

Greetings Fellow Templars!:

How Fast Can an SMOTJ Scholarship be Fulfilled?

On a Saturday morning before the Priory of St. Andrew, Perry and Pamela Stout decided that they wanted to do a scholarship. Thanks to a team effort that involved Cathy Pharr, Keith Larson, Michel Ann Robinson and Grand Chancellor Jeff they were presented with their scholarship certificates by Grand Chancellor Jeff that very night. To complete the evening, Cathy Pharr stepped forward and removed her scholarship medal to present to Perry Stout so that the newest scholarship donor could wear his new medal with pride. However, no project is complete without the paper work and six days later the prepared and signed scholarship MOU with check was received completing the deal. So start to finish, it took only one day to select the student (Khoury Jawdat Simon - pictured here), prepare and award the certificates and medals and only five additional days to complete the MOU and deliver the check.

Well Done Scholarship Team!

Scholarship Program about to Wrap-up another Record Breaking Campaign!
CAPT Chevalier Keith H. Larson, GCTJ, GMTJ
Chairman, Raymond Davis Foundation

The scholarship program for the 2019-2020 academic year has already shattered previous records and we are not done yet. Last year we had 81 high school scholarships at 10 different Christian schools in the Holy Land. This year we have already filled 99 high school scholarships (22% increase), and we are expecting 5-7 new scholarship nominations from the Orthodox School for Girls in December, all of which are pre-filled. Therefore the total number could rise to 30%. This is coming on top of an increase of 44% (+25) in 2018. WOW!

The schools that we are now supporting include the following:

  • Episcopal Technical & Vocational Training Center in Ramallah (22)
  • Armenian Sts. Takanshatz in Jerusalem (7)
  • College des Fréres in Beit Hanina (8)
  • College des Fréres in Bethlehem (10)
  • Coptic Schools of Jerusalem (9)
  • Franciscan Terra Sancta School in Bethlehem (13 half scholarships)
  • Franciscan Terra Sancta School in Ramleh (12)
  • Orthodox School for Girls in Bethany (11 with 5-7 more expected)
The University Scholarship Program is showing a temporary decrease because we graduated 6 nurses in June and we do not receive out new nominations from Bethlehem University until January 2020 when we expect to have 5-7 new students nominated. Five of that possible 7 are already signed up for. How about another WOW!

At this point we have already collected and obligated $181,400 in scholarships for the year, but this is expected to grow to $199,200 by February 1st. When you support one scholarship student in the Holy Land you are certainly making a difference in that child’s life and in that families life. When you are supporting more than 100 per year you are starting to have a real impact on the community! Well Done Knights and Dames – Well Done!


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