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A fall 2018 Beauseant article based on an address by Patrick Rea, Grand Master Emeritus of Ordo Supremus Militaris Templi Hierosolymitani (Latin for “The Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem, abbreviated as “OSMTH”), described how OSMTH typically attempts to “build bridges” to pursue its humanitarian missions:

“… [OSMTH] help[s] those in need by using quiet diplomacy, ‘back channels’ and personal relationships with players of all stripes: all faiths, governments, types of leaders, politics, agendas, etc. Such are the necessities of international advocacy. [Much of OSMTH’s work] is significant but unheralded... [I]t’s often a matter of ‘baby steps’ that might not warrant a major headline, but ‘baby steps’ in this arena are meaningful progress.

An Introduction to the Ecumenical Patriarch, His All Holiness Bartholomew I, Archbishop of Constantinople-New Rome
Recently, however, Patrick Rea received an invitation to take a “baby step” that has the potential to become a “giant leap.” His All-Holiness (HAH) Bartholomew I, Archbishop of Constantinople-New Rome and the Ecumenical Patriarch, requested an update on the organization and work of OSMTH. The request was made through Patrick Rea’s personal liaison to the Ecumenical Patriarch. It is indeed a great honor to have the Ecumenical Patriarch reach out to OSMTH for an update and to learn more about the “bridge building” efforts of OSMTH in the Holy Land. When informed of the interest of the Ecumenical Patriarch, Patrick Rea stated: “It is safe to say that no living Head of a Christian Church has greater world stature than Bartholomew I. His over 25 years as head of the 300+ million Orthodox Christians has been crowded with international achievements. His continued interest in our Order is humbling.”

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