Always Forward
Chev. Ian Cloudman Good, GOTJ
Grand Secretary, GPUSA

To re-iterate the mantra of H.E. Grand Prior XXII – Chev. Jeff Agnes, GCTJ, GMTJ, “SEMPRE AVANTI” meaning, “always forward.” Thanks to the efforts from our talented Grand Chief Info Security Officer, H.E Chev. Manos Megagiannis, GOTJ, we have again made great strides and further advanced our Order into the modern days of technology resources.

Ever since the beginning of this Pandemic, and over the course of the last few months, there has been a growing need to ensure that we all remain actively engaged and connected with one another in light of restrictions and the inability to meet ‘face to face’. Our GPUSA leadership team identified a need, and H.E Manos created a solution quickly and made it come to life.

With the increase in utilizing “video conferencing” tools by schools, businesses, and other organizations, GPUSA heard the voices of our members who wanted to leverage these solutions for the same reason. Some of the tools that were widely used on the market, however, were not as secure as we would have liked for our use. With the assistance of H.E. Manos, GPUSA developed and launched our very own GPUSA Virtual Meeting Rooms. These Virtual Meeting Rooms have been created for each and every Priory and several of the various GPUSA Offices so that all of us might be able to connect virtually, and facilitate some ‘face time’ with one another. These secure Meeting Rooms are hosted on our servers, and have given us the flexibility to maintain our connections with one another safely as we continue to move our Order forward together.

The information, instructions, and guidelines on where and how to use these Virtual Meeting Rooms easily have been sent to all Priors, and we encourage all Priories to utilize these meeting rooms to host calls with their membership as frequently as necessary.

Keep your eyes and ears open for more communication from your Priories as we continue to explore the possibilities with our new technology solutions.


July/August 2020
Regular publication of SMOTJ GPUSA

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